My take on Bullying

Was reading this article this morning--- Here's my opinion on bullying! How many...

Was reading this article this morning---
Here's my opinion on bullying!
How many of us were bullied in school? How many of us were bullied after school? How many kids were intimidated by the older kids when they walked through the hallways at school? Um, everyone. My opinion is you might be able to watch kids like a hawk and try to control all the bullying in schools and I think that's a great idea! Everyone has a right to feel safe when they are trying to get an education. Here's where my thought process goes with this whole deal, What happens when that bell rings at the end of the day? Once people are done watching, what kind of bullying is going to take place?
When I was a kid I often thought about the other kids that would pick on me; They must feel pretty good about themselves putting people down all day but when they get home who's bullying them? I always wondered what goes on at home that these people feel the need to bully other kids when they get to school everyday. Self-Esteem and I think it all goes back to parenting. I got picked on a lot when I was younger and it really got to me sometimes. But at the end of the day, I went back to a loving caring fun family that encouraged me and reminded me that being unique and weird isn't a bad thing.
I also learned a lot from being bullied and picked on when I was younger because those kids that bullied others as kids, still do that as adults. Because that's how they make themselves feel better about themselves.
I think trying to come up with some laws and regulations about bullying isn't a bad idea but here's my idea. Let's try to teach kids how to rise above it. Let's help parents try to learn ways to encourage their kids to be unique and embrace whatever makes them weird. I was always taught to laugh at myself before others had the chance. It's when other kids see your vulnerability that they target you for the bullying. It all comes down to self-esteem in my opinion and either we all have way too much of it, or none at all. Parents, teachers, school staff, sometimes kids just need to be encouraged, even bullies.

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