Top 7 Ways to Get Yourself Back On Track

If anyone is a bit like me, working full time and trying to balance many different aspects of life at once, it is easy to feel like you'...

If anyone is a bit like me, working full time and trying to balance many different aspects of life at once, it is easy to feel like you're in over your head. I start to feel that way when it comes to keeping up with chores around the house. Well, here are seven ways to make sure you get back on track and stay on track, even when life gets way busier than you expect.

  1. Write your to do list every morning. Often when I feel the worst about getting everything done is when I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to remember all the things I still need to finish that particular week. The best way to fix this is to sit down, gather your thoughts and get it onto a list so that way your tasks are somewhat mapped out.
  2. Prioritize what needs to get done. You only have so many hours in a day so don't be hard on yourself if you're not able to get everything done everyday. Decide what things cannot wait until tomorrow and get those done right away. You will feel better already.
  3. Make a routine. It's usually those tasks that you feel should be done daily or weekly that get put on the back burner and eventually start to pile up. Once you get yourself back on track, stay on track with a routine. See how I stick to a routine with a planner here.
  4. Ask for help. Whether you feel behind with things at work or at home, asking for help is good motivation for yourself, you'll feel like your not in it alone. 
  5. Just take a day off. Okay, this may seem counter intuitive, when you're feeling like there's too much to get done and not enough time to do it, but those are usually the days you should come home from work and put your feet up for the night. Everyone will survive and you will feel rested up for tomorrow. 
  6. Do a speed clean. I usually try to do this in the mornings before I head to work, that way if my work day gets long or stressful I at least have a bit cleaned from the morning and feel a little less worried about going home after work and being able to relax. For tips on speed cleaning click here.
  7. Ease back into it. This is the most important one to remember. I think most of us have an idea of what we need to get done and then throw ourselves at our to do list 100%. Not necessary. Just aim for one or two things off your list the first day, then add a couple the next day. Don't burn yourself out trying to get back on track with work and chores. Get done what needs to be done and work your way from there, eventually, you'll be back to square one and you can get a fresh start.

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  1. I love doing a quick speed cleaning run in the morning before I do anything else, it really helps if things get too stressful later on in the day. and making lists is a definite for me, I'd be so lost without lists!!


    1. I agree with the list thing for sure! It helps so much to have a visual of what you have accomplished and where there is left to do. Most of the time it makes you realize you don't have as much to do as you thought!
      Thanks for the comment Jessica!


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