10 ways to claim back some time for yourself

Love; no one can really describe what it is. But there's one important component to love which I think many people don't pick up...

Love; no one can really describe what it is. But there's one important component to love which I think many people don't pick up on. And to me that component is inspiration. I think those who love you and are loved by you should always be a source of inspiration, in some or all areas of your life.
I am always inspired by my family and close friends.

However, with all the hustle and bustle of adult life (I'm 25, to be 26 in less than a week so I guess that makes me an adult) we can easily lose sight of all of this just trying to balance all the loved ones.

I am a huge committer of this crime. I can't say no to those I love, because, well, I love them and would do anything I can to help or be that source of inspiration and hope for them.

If any of you are like me in that respect, I have a few tips on how to find some me time while playing the adulthood balancing act.

1. Clean.
I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes just taking 15 minutes and cleaning can clear your mind and then you won't have to worry about that when you're trying to actually relax.

2. Go for a walk -- alone.
Even a short walk around the block by yourself will usually help clear your mind in the midst of doing the adulthood juggle. I know a little exercise and fresh air always helps one clear their mind.

3. Read a book
Books are the kind of thing you can keep picking up and putting back down as time allows. If you have a few minutes after work or in between chores or volunteering, pick up a book and read yourself into someone else's world.  How would that not work?

4. The ever-popular: take a shower or bath.
This one always helps me relax, but then again, I was that child who ASKED to take a bath everyday instead of being told to do so. A good steamy bath is a good place to be left alone, too (usually).

5. Bring in the professionals.
Sometimes when the home remedies don't work you need to bring out the big guns. Going to get your hair done, get a manicure or a massage are all perfecto ways to relax. But, if you are pinching pennies or are a tad frugal give yourself a mani/pedi at home which is also relaxing.

6. Retail therapy.
This probably isn't the best option for those of you who are, like I said before, watching the checkbook balance rather closely. But for others going to the mall is a great way to unwind. For me personally, I would rather go to the book store or browse through office supplies, but to each his/her own.

7. Go to work.
To me, after entertaining or spending time helping others out with something, nothing is more relaxing than actually just going into the office. I don't know if it is the work or if it is because of the next suggestion:

8. Have and stick to a routine.
This is rumored to work best with children, they like routine. But, I think most adults could handle a little more routine in their life. Even if you have an unpredictable work schedule you can map out your morning and right before bed. Having some semblance of a structure in your life usually helps eliminate stress AND allows for you to schedule in a little alone time (maybe).

9. Keep a journal.
Not everyone is a writer by nature, but taking time to reflect on your day and writing it down in a journal gives you a chance to have some down time and to see how or if you have been managing your time. And, they're always fun to go back and reread years later.

My last piece of advice is directed more toward myself than anyone else. Just say no. If you're feeling stressed, tired out or just unable to entertain, help or listen to a family or friend. Just be honest and tell them you need a break. Then you can come back refreshed the next time they need your help or need to talk.

Overall, remember the one person who is most important to love --YOURSELF. If you have been stretched out to your limit helping others, then you are going to be so overwhelmed you won't be of any use to anyone.

So, follow some of my tips or use some of your own to get some 'you time,' and before you do, take a couple minutes to share some of your tips in the comment section below. How do you relax when you need some alone time?

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