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So, continuing on with the whole topic of us in-betweeners trying to figure out what we're doing and how we're going to do it, I re...

So, continuing on with the whole topic of us in-betweeners trying to figure out what we're doing and how we're going to do it, I recently got into a conversation with two of my best best friends. (I have three best friends that I've known my whole entire life so we all just get each other!) Well anyways, a couple years ago me and one of my friends decided to make a list of 21 things we wanted to do before we turned 21. We'll we are both almost 23 now and the lists were just forgotten. So, the other day these lists were brought up in conversation.  We decided to try it again only this time 25 things to do before we turn 25.

It took me awhile to come up with a list the first time, this time isn't really very different but here's some of what I have come up with:

  1. Leave the state...sounds simple but not for someone like me.
  2. Leave the country
  3. Work on my photography skills
  4. Write something everyday
  5. Go camping in the great outdoors, minus technology and luxuries...real camping!
  6. Work non-stop towards career goals (measurable? I wasn't sure it was but that's okay.)
  7. Learn to cook
  8. See an ocean
  9. Run at least one 5k race each year
  10. Run a half-marathon
  11. Run a marathon
  12. LEARN TO SAY NO. This is an important one for me!
  13. Learn more about politics--because I really know nothing.
  14. Write something really personal and dear to my heart and try to get it published
  15. Finish reading all the books on my shelf!--I have bought and started quite a few but never finished them
  16. Learn to restring a guitar without taking the easy way out.
  17. Stay more up-to-date with world news--I used to be pretty good about this but lately haven't at all.
  18. Technology break for 1 entire month!
  19. Learn how to navigate--no MapQuest, GPS, or GoogleMaps
  20. Make more small talk with people--I suck at small talk because I'm so awkward.
  21. MOVE OUT!
  22. Road trip for cheap with the girls--the cheap part just because I'm broke and it would force a little creativity for us!
  23. Volunteer somewhere--I have never volunteered my time. I hear that's something everyone should try.
  24. Play laser tag--yeah, yeah this sounds stupid but I've always wanted to do. Might as well make it a priority!
  25. Help someone accomplish something--Like one of my friends on their 25 before 25 lists!
And, there ya have it! Hopefully, I can't stick with it this time!!  Suggestions or additions I should make?

**I added a page tab on the homepage of the blog to make it easy to post updates on my list progress, be sure to follow and comment there as well!! :-)

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