Love Story: The making of plans

So, I've told the story of the meeting! If you missed it, you should click  here  to catch up. After we met and had good conversati...

So, I've told the story of the meeting! If you missed it, you should click here to catch up.

After we met and had good conversation the first night at the Firemen's Dance, we decided to get some friends together to go out for a drink. It was casual and it again went very well. I wasn't sure how I was feeling about him at that point.

Then, he asked me to go on a date with him. I had company coming to visit the day he asked so we decided to take a rain check. So, instead of going on a date, Brice asked if my friend and I would like to go to the lake with him and his friend.

We had so much fun chatting, playing bean bags and getting completely sunburned. In the car on the way home I told my friend, "I think I'm starting to like him."

That same night, we all decided to go out for another drink. A drink at the bar turned into the decision to have some beers around a fire and that led to decided to go out stargazing.

The three of us went and had an awesome time and when the night was just about over, Brice asked me out for Chinese food for our first official date.

I looked at him and said, "'s a...plan..."

My friend was in the car listening and after I said that...laughing.

The weekend fun wasn't over, though. The next morning I got a text from him saying he left his coat in my apartment the night before. Yup, he sure did. Smooth.

When he came over to get it we went decided to play frisbee golf. Conversation was great so we decided to go for a walk together. Conversation was even better so we decided to go for a run together. And conversation was even BETTER.

Now, I'd like to say the rest is history. He was funny, smart, easy to talk to, good looking, had lots in common with me. But, that was still just the beginning.

My next part of the Love Story will be the actual first date.

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